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Ayudya Milk Salt Scrub
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Ayudya Milk Salt Scrub

Ayudya Spa Milk Salt is a skin lightening, enriched with vitamin E, pure milk powder and natural salt, when absorbed through the skin during bath, it removes toxins from the body, soften stiff muscles, overcome fatique, and also provide a sense of relaxed. Infused with peppermint fragrance is a definite uplifting and helps the mind to focus. This ultra creamy salt soak also contains full cream milk powder to nourish and attract moisture to freshen.

Suitable for

All skin Conditions

Best if you want to

Renewed, Invigorated, Revitalized, and Rejuvenated


Sprinkle into the lukewarm bath and soak for 10-15 minutes. Maybe also be used to soak before manicure and pedicure. The more Milk Salt you add to the bath, the better, and then swirl around in the water with your hand.

Available in

500gr (refill pack)

Ayudya Milk Salt Scrub

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