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Naturally Feminine Hygiene (Sabun Sirih)

Naturally Feminine Hygiene (Sabun Sirih)

Proper Hygiene contributes to overall good health. Daily genital cleansing is part of feminine hygiene and is very important. Accumulations of sweat glands, menstrual cycle, amount of sexual activity, and excercise can promote rashes, irritations and odors.

Some women might be sensitive to use the same soaps or cleansers as the rest of their body. Naturally Feminine hygiene specially formulated from piper betel, with natural vegetable oil, and rose extract will eliminates discomfort caused by perspirations dirt and unwanted secretions.

Suitable for

all skin conditions

Available in

100 ml & 200 ml


80% piper betel extract, lactic acid, and rose extract

Naturally Feminine Hygiene (Sabun Sirih)