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Ayudya Masker Pengantin (Body Mask)

Ayudya Masker Pengantin (Body Mask)

Why use body mask? No matter what your age, everyday exposure, perspirations, poor diet and stress can work havoc on your skin. Your regular cleansing routine is great for treating the surface layer of your body, but a Body Mask takes that cleansing power a step further-penetrating deep into your pores to remove impurities and improve your skin overall appearance.


Whether your skin needs hydrating, firming, soothing, brightening pr clarifying, adding Body Mask for your routine once a week is a great way to get your skin into tip top shape. Our comprehensive range of Body Mask has been created using key Natural Ingredients to give you beautiful, radiant skin.


Which Mask is right for you? (please follow our chart to match your skin needs to our treatment mask)


Cleanse skin – pat dry before applying a generous mixture of Rose Water and the mask to the body – face (optional –also applicable, avoiding the eye & lip areas. Leave on for 10-15minutes before rinsing with Warm water. Use once a week regularly for best results.

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Ayudya Masker Pengantin (Body Mask)