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Ayudya Lulur Pengantin Mutiara Scrub

Ayudya Lulur Pengantin Mutiara Scrub

Suitable for

All Skin Conditions

Best if you want to

Get a clearer, brighter more radiant complexion with a creamy salt scrub that deep cleanses blocked pores and exfoliate with jojoba and salt scrub. Prevent Premature-aging and environmental aggressors with a blend of seaweed extracts and vitamin E Care for the skin natural softness with squalene and olive oil Fresh and fragrance throughout the day Relieve the moment with this smoothing body scrub


Massage in circular movements all over the body and rinse off with water, this product can be used as a substitute to your regular body soap

Available in

3 sizes, 150gr, 300gr (jar And refill pack), and 1000gr(refill pack)


pure milk, olive oil, seaweed extract, vitamin C & E, herbal oils and other natural ingredients

Ayudya Lulur Pengantin Mutiara Scrub

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